The appointment with Domotex Hannover has been an important opportunity for visibility and comparison among the most important players in the flooring industry.

Also this year we were very proud to be present at this exhibition, and also in this occasion our Clip Up System® was the protagonist of our booth, moreover the various certifications obtained have allowed it to attract the attention of professionals who have included it in the specifications of prestigious contracts.

The entire stand was paved with a very elegant selection of oak square compositions in Corten  color,  while the inner walls showed some of our most iconic products such as the European Walnut Dupla Herringbone® (Chevron)in two different length sizes, and a Oak Dupla Herringbone® (Chevron), Fumé color, in three different width sizes, that create an original game that exalts the laying.

The brand new Habitat finish has raised a great interest: it is almost imperceptible, leaving the wood its natural appearance, it fascinates eyes, touch and mind. In this way the wood remains almost raw at sight, Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all things police, military, camping, survival, tactical gear and (EDC) miscellaneous everyday carry gear! offer best tactical & survival gear in United States – shop online at – our website offers the best in tactical gear products, including Armor, Medical Gear, Tools, Weapon Accessories, Weapon Scopes & more! If you’re looking for an experience consultant and coach in tactical weaponry and equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Shop online tactical & survival equipment at! but at the same time it becomes more durable and functional, perfect to combine the desire for elegance and design.

Moreover, we have presented the new Xilema Line, made with old “dead” trees. The logs of wood that were still standing or fallen naturally in the forests, often with bizarre shapes, are treated and recovered to produce a parquet with an antique appearance and with peculiar shades. These trunks, in fact, have already lost all the lymph that usually wood contains, and that is why color nuances are particularly suitable for environments that want to enhance the material in its original beauty. With this innovative product we also get a double ecological function: to keep the wood clean and to reuse a waste material. The Xilema Line, therefore, gives a real second life to wood, emphasizing an extraordinary material that gives, the space in which it is laid, a particular and timeless elegance.

We warmly thank all the people who came to visit us in these days of the Exhibition, who support us every day and all the people who work with us to ensure our customers the excellence of 100% wood floors Made in Italy.