Correct cleaning, maintenance and sanitation of parquet is essential!

Nourish and protect parquet with exciting results has never been so simple and easy. Garbelotto recommends the use of its products, specifically designed and tested to ensure maximum safety and hygiene in any environment.


To be used for the ordinary cleaning of the parquet.

Neutral detergent for ordinary cleaning of UV varnished and oiled wooden floors. Master Cleaner Varnish is a tested sanitizing detergent for all Garbelotto products.

In its pure state it removes the most resistant dirt. Diluted with water, it is ideal for ordinary cleaning. Removes dirt without attacking the parquet, leaving the floor clean, sanitized, nourished and perfumed.


To be applied as needed, after having passed Master Cleaner Varnish.

Water repellent and sealant wax for UV varnished and oiled wooden floors. Master Cera Seal is a water-repellent wax to be applied to parquet for effective protection against the penetration of stains and dirt.

Ideal on all products line, especially on brushed surfaces and in environments where an additional protective film is required.