For those who are looking for an elegant, but at the same time practical and resistant flooring, Garbelotto conceived the parquet line Master Floor.

This is exactly what the owners of an attic in the province of Treviso have chosen: the location, which is spacious and bright due to the wide windows opening onto a terrace, was enriched with a light-brown parquet, traversed by darker grains with a rustic and smooth choice. We are talking about out Big Old Walnut with water-based finishes.

The artificial lines oppose to the wood naturalness and to the plastic materials of the furniture: the fireplace in the centre of the room stands out for its futurist feature and completely coated steel. The result is an environment both essential and welcoming.

When it comes to Master Floor, we cannot fail to mention the ecology: all the Garbelotto parquet are suitable for bio building and are included in the E1 class for the formaldehyde emission. They are entirely produced in Italy from certified raw materials and also FSC® e Cfl-S1 for fire reaction certified on demand.

The Master Floor parquet is available in several wood species and could be treated in various way, according to the needs of the client. It consists of a double-layered prefinished with a thickness that ranges from 14 to 16 mm: this is what guarantees an easy laying procedure, but at the same time, durability and stability.

Every wide plank consists of 4 or 6 mm of noble wood that confers value to the product and guarantees its duration over time: it is available in four models namely Elegant, Classic, Big Old and Prestige and in different dimensions conceived for any kind of space.

It is intended for indoor locations, and it is possible to combine the available nuances with the furniture to create great solutions. In case of dark furniture, it is possible to enlighten the space by adopting a flooring of white, beige and grey shades. On the other hand, in case of light coloured furniture, the parquet will be brown, in order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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