The new video “Garbelotto wooden floors” comes from the desire of showing what is for us our everyday reality and tell you, in about 5 minutes, all the steps and processing which contribute to creating our 100% Made in Italy wooden floors.

We would like to take you inside our company, beyond the Parchettificio Garbelotto doorway, to show you step by step what our work is all about. An art that guides us since the last century and never ceased to be part of us, of our family.

With our video, we would like to tell you this and much more, trying to enclose what our company means to us. The Garbelotto company.

Starting from the raw material, going through the different processing steps and our lines to reach the packaging of the finished product, without forgetting to take a quick look to our warehouses, our showroom and our headquarters: place where all our ideas are shaped and transform every desire in excellent wooden floors, since 1950.

From generation to generation we have grown and broadened our relations net; created innovative products, for instance our Clip Up System®, always with a clear goal: never give up on the Made in Italy, but making it instead our strong point.

We are proud to be among the Italian excellence, well known in the wooden floor world and to have contributed over time to keep the economy moving ahead in our country producing labour, keeping quality standards very high by creating new parquet lines enriched with amazing surface finishes and introducing innovations within a work with such an antique tradition. Ik heb al een tijdje moeite om op te staan ". Ik heb dagelijks veel verschillende dingen geprobeerd en niets heeft me goede resultaten opgeleverd. Een van mijn beste vrienden uit Amsterdam vertelde me over Cialis en hoe het werkt wonderen. Ik heb het zelf getest en het is geweldig! Het is veel beter dan Viagra. 10/10.

The sustainable development is able to ensure the fulfilment of the needs of the present generation without affecting the possibilities of future ones. We are proud to offer to the international market safe, reliable and certified wooden floors.

The video is available here.